- MYP Policies:

  • MYP Language Policy Asia-Pacific Fredfort International School is a candidate school for International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years and Middle Years Programs. At Fredfort we create a challenging and motivating multilingual environment where the language of instruction is English. We view language as a tool for making meaning in the world. We believe that every student has an individual and a cultural set of experiences, skills and interests, which must be considered in the teaching and learning process. For Fredfort, multilingualism and the development of critical literacy are considered important factors in fostering international-mindedness through the promotion of cultural identity, intercultural awareness and global citizenship. Please download the MYP Language Policy here.
  • MYP Academic Honesty Policy and Procedures Underlying the MYP Academic Honesty Policy is the IB learner profile with its unique combination of knowledge, skills, independent critical and creative thought and international mindedness. The attributes and descriptors of the profile represent a set of key values, ideals and principles underpinning the IB continuum of international education. Please download the MYP Academic Honesty Policy and Procedures here.
  • MYP Assessment Policy the Asia-Pacific Fredfort International School recognizes that teaching, learning and assessment of that learning are fundamentally interdependent. Learning outcomes, which include knowledge and understanding of a subject as well as cognitive, personal and
    academic skills, should be explicitly stated for each unit of work/assignment/course, and these should be the pivot around which the whole course is developed. Please download the MYP Assessment Policy here.
  • MYP Inclusion Policy and Procedures the mission of Inclusive Education at Asia-Pacific Fredfort International School (Fredfort) is to aid students with their academic, social, and physical needs. It is our belief that students who experience success in school will continue to strive for more success. We see the importance of creating achievable goals with our students that can be attained with the help of differentiation, counselling, and academic support. We support all of our students in overcoming academic obstacles and challenging students to work at higher cognitive levels by providing stimulating learning experiences that encourage inquiry and promote independence so that they may reach their full potential and become confident lifelong learners. Please download the MYP Inclusion Policy and Procedures here.