School Fees and Payment Process

I. Basic Payment

Application Fee

The non-refundable application fee will be paid upon submission of the student’s application

 US $250

Capital Fee

1st Child

US $600

2nd Child/subsequent child (15% discount)

US $510

3rd Child/subsequent child (20% discount)

US $480

Deposit Fee

1) to process documents

2) to reserve a seat

3) to make sure that payments are made

as well as withdrawal form is approved.


 US $250

The Student can enroll on or before every each semester. Enrollment is only accepted every semester, so, interested enrollees may deposit in advance in order to take a place in the class.

II. Tuition Fee

Tuition is paid by monthly, semester or annually and is not refundable and non-transferable. Discounts on the tuition fee will apply to Asia- Pacific Fredfort International School families as follows:

  • 2nd child  5%,
  • 3rd child  10%
  • Subsequent child 15%

The school reserves its right to change its fees annually.





1. Early Years Programme (Half day Class) 


 $   419.00

 $   2,069.00

 $   4,106.00


 $   467.00

 $   2,302.00

 $   4,572.00


 $   513.00

 $   2,536.00

 $   5,040.00

2. Early Years Programme (Full day Class) 


 $    630.00

 $   3,119.00

 $   6,307.00


 $    676.00

 $   3,353.00

 $   6,674.00


 $    724.00

 $   3,585.00

 $   7,140.00

3. Primary Years Programme 


 $   770.00

 $   3,819.00

  $  7,607.00


 $   817.00

 $   4,053.00

 $  8,073.00


 $   863.00

 $   4,286.00

 $  8,541.00


 $   909.00

 $   4,520.00

 $  9,007.00


 $   958.00

 $   4,752.00

 $  9,474.00

4. Middle Years Programme


 $   1,004.00

 $   4,986.00

 $  9,941.00


 $   1,051.00

 $   5,220.00

 $  10,444.00


 $   1,097.00

 $   5,453.00

 $  10,785.00


 $   1,143.00

 $   5,687.00

 $  11,341.00


 $    1,191.00

 $    5,919.00

 $   11,808.00

5. Diploma Programme


 $    1,237.00

 $    6,153.00

 $   12,275.00


 $    1,283.00

 $    6,387.00

 $   12,741.00

III. Meal Fee




US $65

US $310

US $585

The set lunch fee paid every month which includes snacks and lunch every day. The menu provides a choice of Western food, Khmer food, or Noodles, and includes dessert.

IV. Uniform Fee

Students are required to come to school with complete uniform. Uniforms must be purchased from the school. 

V. School Shoes

The school only allows students to get inside the school premise wearing prescribed school shoes. Parents must only purchase the school shoes from the school.  Students who are caught wearing another pair of shoes other than prescribed by the school will be given a misconduct ticket. On days students will participate in physical education such as Tuesdays and Thursdays, students must changes their shoes to sneakers only during the specified time of P.E class. All other times of the day, students must wear school shoes as part of the school uniform.

VI. P.E Uniform

Physical Education Uniforms are required to be worn during P.E. Classes, Arts Classes, or other activities scheduled by the school. ASIA-PACIFIC FREDFORT International School would like to inform all parents and guardians that sports uniforms should be purchased in order for students to participate in Physical Education and other sporting activities. The following uniforms must be purchased:

  • Regular sports uniform (football shirt + shorts)           
  • Basketball uniform (basketball shirt + shorts)

Both uniforms must be purchased in order to conduct the different sporting activities the school offers. The sports uniforms can be purchased at the reception desk. 

VII. Field Trips

The school may hold several field trips in a year depending on the need of the subject and the requirement set based on the Primary Years Program. In this case, all students are required to join the field trip.  Parents will be given notice for the schedules of field trip as well as the amount needed to be paid before the field trip. Payments must be paid on time based on the given deadline. Expenses for field trip are shouldered by the parents. When participating on a field trip, students must wear their ID cards provided by the school in the event that a student needs identifying for whatever reason.

VIII. Withdrawal

A parent who wishes to officially withdraw his/her child/ren from school requires a “Withdrawal Form” to be signed and submitted to the reception and must be forwarded to the office of the school Director. In case of withdrawal, tuition, admission, capital and set lunch fees are non-refundable. Unused Transportation Fee and Deposit Fee will be refunded.

IX. Payment Schedule for tuition and other fees

  • Payment schedule needs to be followed. After one week of delayed payment, the school will impose one dollar (1 USD) per day as penalty.
  • The school will implement 3 different kinds of letters of payment to parents to ensure the effective way of controlling the payment of school fees on time.
  1. First letter of payment will be released one week prior to the start date of each month, semester, or year in order to invite the parents or guardians to come to pay for new month, semester, or year.
  2. Second letter of payment will be released at the beginning of the second week of the school day in the event that the parents or guardians have not come to pay on the date stated in the first letter of payment.

  3. Third letter of payment (emergency letter) will be released at the beginning of the third week of the school day in the event that the parents or guardians have not come to pay on the date stated in the second letter of payment. This letter states clearly about the last postponed date for payment before the school decides to delete student’s name from the school list.

• Parents or guardians shall pay at the beginning of the month, semester, or year (from 5th to 11th) according to their choices. Any payment made later than the due date is subject for penalty 1 USD per day. Accounting office will give penalty notice to parents.

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