Preparing For Our Future

We bring the world into our classroom and build our students’ career as they make connections around the world. They are guided to promote an appreciation and understanding of other cultures. They are encouraged to be responsible, global citizens, ready to play a positive role in today’s society.

We prepare our students to be competitive and confident by training them to be the best researchers and communicators. We develop them to be innovative and creative who are able to help make a change for the better future. To be the future leaders, we train them to be analytical and investigative.

Fredfort has strong collaboration with the Australian International School in Singapore to invest in our students’ knowledge for the future.

Last February 24th to March 4, 2017, our elementary students we went to Sydney, Australia and visit Santa Sabina College for the exchange study program. Our students and teachers had a collaborative activity with the SSC students and teachers.

Our school has established strong connection to many standard and renowned schools abroad in order to equip our students with skills they needed to enter in a world of opportunities in technology. They learn the skills that many employers need. They learn the skills in a fast track program keeping our students ahead of the curve.