Counseling promotes the emotional and social growth of children so that they can thrive in school and succeed in life. Our school counselor identifies, develops, and reinforces the strengths and resilience inherent in every child, and harnesses these traits to help students succeed. We work from a multiple perspective approach: each child is assessed from developmental, social, emotional and cultural viewpoints. Our school counselor offers individual counseling to help students resolve personal or interpersonal problems. They may also offer small group counseling to help students enhance listening and social skills, learn to empathize with others, and find social support through healthy peer relationships. For students who are otherwise unable to access mental health services, school counselor provides support at no cost. School counselor also provides support to school staff by assisting with classroom management techniques and the development of programs to improve mental health or school safety. When necessary, counselor may also intervene in a disrupted learning environment. When our school counselor suspects the presence of a learning, behavioral, or mental health concern, school counselor will typically provide a referral to a specialist in the community. Learning difficulties can be diagnosed by school or educational psychologists orneuropsychologists, and ADHD is generally diagnosed by psychiatrists, physicians, or clinical psychologists in private practice.